Week 5: Farewell,Warehouse and Karaoke Parties


There was a whole bunch of mouths to feed.


“Malcolm, you’re going to be the new Edgar,” Mortimer said. Malcolm folded his arms. “How? I was here first!” “Because he’s leaving you have to replace him. You look just like him.” “I do not!” Darlene pursed her lips. “Can you all go away. You’re distracting me.”


They both laughed as they bounced up and down in contrast, enjoying the party. “Are you having fun on your last day?” Bell asked. “Yeah, mom invited everybody and they were all hugging me and saying they’ll miss me. I didn’t think I had this many friends.” “I’m your best friend, right?” Edgar paused slightly before giving Bella a glowing smile. “Yeah!”


Preston and Arlo playing hopscotch.


Meal time.


He said his goodbyes to everyone before they all left for school and work. Dan was the only one to help him with his bags and see him off. “Are you scared Ed?” Dan asked. “No dad,” Edgar responded, laughing. Dan hugged Edgar one last time before he got into the cab to head off.


Ashley tightened her seat-belt across her chest. “Why are you going so fast?” Mayra rolled her eyes, clearly annoyed. “Mom, I’m going the speed limit.” Trying to see the speedometer, “you’re going 25.” “Yeah, that’s the speed limit. Mom! Move your head!”


Dan is an athletic sim, so from time to time he would stand in front of the TV doing some strength and cardio workouts. He reminisces the moments that he and Edgar used to workout together. His son’s company made it more enjoyable.


“How long was the ride?” Mayra asked. “I don’t know, but my butt was hurting. When I finally got out of the car it felt so good to stretch my legs,” Edgar said. They laughed. “What’s everyone doing?” “Well, the usual. Mom’s at work. Dad’s outside painting. I think Preston is still at school doing the scouting thing. Has he called you yet?” “No. I bet he will later when he comes home.” “Right.” There’s a lot of conversation going on in the phone’s background. “Hello?” “I’ll talk to you later. I have to get in line.” “Alright, bye.”


Preston is enjoying his newfound freedom. He does not miss all of the “can you play with me?” and “you’re doing it wrong” and not to forget the “Dad! Preston hit me!” The last one was a lie Edgar would always yell to get Preston in trouble. Eventually is made him not want to play with Ed anymore, causing him to harass Mayra instead. But how long was this happiness going to last?


Ashley flipped the page. “And the dragon set fire to the village, swearing his revenge on the king.” “Mom,” Preston interrupted. “Yes?” “How long is Edgar going to be gone?” “It depends. He should be back before Spring. Why? You miss him already?” “No,” Preston said, looking away. Ashley put a finger under Preston’s chin to have his eyes meet hers. “You don’t have to be ashamed Preston. You know he misses you too. He loves you. You are his best friend.” “Yeah.” “Did you call him today?” “No ma’am.” “Why not?” “I was scared he didn’t want to talk to me. Do you think he left because I wouldn’t play with him?” “No. He left because he saw it as a fun experience to be out on his own. You’re going to call him tomorrow.” “Okay.”


While Edgar was gone, Malcolm was titled as his replacement throughout the school.

“What do you want to play?” Preston asked. Malcolm gave a confused look in return. “Why am I over here? You don’t even like me.” “Of course I do. You’re smart and funny and stuff.” Malcolm folded his arms. “Last week you told everybody that I was born from my dad’s butt. Now they won’t stop calling me turd boy.” “That was last week. This is a new day.” Malcolm was getting ready to walk away when Preston stopped him. “Look, I’m sorry. I’ll tell everyone to stop calling you names and if they do I would punch them in the face. Okay?” “Okay.” Malcolm smiled. “I remember that time those two boys were picking on Edgar and you beat them up. I always thought that was cool,” he said. Preston smiled in return, remembering how he always felt the need to protect Edgar while he was at school. How was he going to protect him from home?


All week Ashley had been picking up on her social media skill. She rarely has time to post updates on her life, but ever since Mayra laughed at her for not knowing was Simbook was, she decided to create a blog which she titled “Shake Well”. It’s a reference of an inside joke that she and Hank shares. He once seen her dance and he approached her and whispered “shake it well girl and you’ll be spread all over me”. Yeah, it was explicit, but it wasn’t like her husband was going to ask what her blog title meant. He doesn’t even know she has a blog.

Hank always compliments her on her dancing, so why not create a blog that contains posts mainly about… dancing/clubbing/parting. She is a party animal after all.


Mayra missed the bus on a Tuesday morning and as for her punishment, it wasn’t just getting yelled at by her father. He sentenced her to a grounding and to rake the yard for two days. He called it “household service.”


Dan rarely goes out and meets new people. He chats at parties, but afterwards there is no contact whatsoever. He decided that he was going to start going out and making new friends. His days of being a housewife was over.

He befriended Geoffrey Langraab, one of the wealthiest people of the town. Dan studied the board, trying to figure out his next move. It was his first time ever playing chess. “Dan, I would like to say that I admire your works of art.” Dan moved his chess piece. “Thank you. That means so much coming from you.” “Yes, can we discuss having some of your best works posted in the art museum?” “WHAT?” Dan was so loud that Geoffrey’s kitten ran away at the sound. Geoffrey smiled as he moved his piece. “I would love to! How much would it cost?” “No fee. Just being grateful for the talent that you present to this town.” “Thank you so much!”


Yumi’s faced cringed as she worked out. Dan found him a new workout partner at the gym. Yumi was an elder and of course you know, as you get older your strength decreases. Yumi wasn’t having it, so she came to Dan for assistance.


“I love your shoes!” Holly exclaimed. “Oh, these? They aren’t even suitable for this weather. I should have gotten some boots. I thank you though, they are cute,” Ashley replied. She observed Holly’s outfit.

Holly Alto, Nick’s only daughter. Nick is the so called “mob boss”, Dan calls him. He’s a coworker of Ashley’s.

“I’m so glad I ran into your blog and got in contact with you.” “Same to you. I’m sure your father would be proud of your interest in business. I can surely give you some tips and pointers.” “Great! Thank you!” Ashley looked over her outfit again. “Now, let’s talk about this clothing that I’m seeing.” “What about it?” “Well… in business, you have to dress more professional.” “You don’t like my clothes?” “I love the pieces! It’s just… it don’t really…” The doorbell rang, interrupting her sentence. “Thank goodness,” she thought. “Who is it?!”


“You’ve been working out?” Ashley asked. “I was going to until you texted me saying that you got in contact with Nick’s daughter. I had to come over.” “Great! I’m sure that we can help her be more successful.” “Forget that, do you know what this means? Nick will see that his daughter looks up to us and we are the reason she’s in the business game. Then all of our dreams will come true.” Ashley rolled her eyes. “Follow me.”


“My, my you’ve grown up!” “Yeah, I’m 27 now, thinking of starting a new path.” “That’s great. Remember, Mr. Wolff will always be here for you if you need anything okay?” “Okay.” Ashley yawned.


Preston took to the beach to get some more fishing in. He wanted to catch some anchovies. It was his goal. He missed his fishing buddy, Edgar. He looked next to him, where he wished Edgar was standing next to him chatting about Bella. Bella was one of the prettiest girls in school, but she was all Edgar’s. He could see Edgar not realizing that he had a fish on the line as he talked about the last time she and him would hang out. He became sad.


As well as his newfound friendship with Geoffrey, Dan decided to go out to the warehouse and have fun. Just to be out and take a break from painting and practicing his guitar. Bubble formed from between his lips and he could hear the crowd cheering to the right of him. There was a performance going on and everyone was amazed.


The performance.


It wasn’t too long before two guys, Connor and Thorton, got into a heated argument.

Thorton scoffed at Connor. “How dare you step on my new shoes with those dirty, meat stained things you call shoes on your feet?” Connor stepped on his shoe again, this time on purpose with a little more force. “Are you serious?! You’re going to pay for these! Oh, wait, you wouldn’t be able to afford them with… whatever job has you wearing that disgusting uniform. You smell like rotten fish. Who let you in here?”


Connor’s fists spoke for him.


“We businessmen shouldn’t even fool with the ignorance of low life’s such as Connor,” Nick said. Dan didn’t disagree. He wasn’t about to get into an argument with the mob boss. “Well, I’m not getting in to this. I’m just glad I broke it up,” Hank said, picking at his shirt. “Is this blood?”


Singing Karaoke.


“I love you, baby.” Dan hugged Ashley. “I love you more,” she said in return.


Preston and Gus Hart singing a duet.


“I don’t even know how to play this,” VJ said, with his fist in his cheek. “Neither do I. What is this game called again?” Ethan asked. Lisa became annoyed. “Dominoes! Why are we here and you two don’t know how to play?” “I don’t know how many points I have, but I bet I’m winning,” Mayra said.


The family trying to get over the absence of Edgar. Unprofessional blogging that may get Ashley fired. Dan trying to find a life outside of his home. Thorton Wolff using the rich man’s daughter. A fight in the club between the rich and the less rich.

Tune into the Dudley household as next time we look further into the life of Preston.



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